BLF Mastermind Groups

Carve out regular time to work ON your business, not just IN it

Feeling busy and still not seeing the results you want?

Why do you think that is?

One of the biggest challenges early stage entrepreneurs face is lack of time.

There’s so much we need to get done.

Marketing, Sales, Client management, Service delivery, Systemising the business, recruiting and managing staff and freelancers, managing suppliers, setting the strategic direction of the business and 100 other things.

The reality is we can’t get more time to do everything to our desired standard, we have to prioritise.

What do you give your time to?

If you are like most entrepreneurs, you spent most of your time on the urgent stuff.

And there is always urgent stuff – some of it is urgent and important, but some of it is just urgent.

But what about the important, non-urgent tasks?

Things like setting a strategy for your business, refreshing your value proposition and updating your website, documenting your processes and implementing the technology you’ve been meaning to for the last couple of years?

The important non-urgent tasks get often pushed aside till later. As a result you might be wasting your limited resources (especially your time) on the stuff that doesn’t really move the needle and you keep running on the hamster treadmill.

The truly important tasks that have got the power to transform your business require time.  They might feel a bit overwhelming in size and often lie outside of your comfort zone. But until you action those, your business won’t move to the next level.

Mastermind groups are an effective tool to carve out the time to regularly work ON your business. They give you clarity and focus and provide you with extra level of commitment and accountability.

“If nothing changes, nothing changes. If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’re going to keep getting what you’re getting. You want change, make some.”

― Courtney C. Stevens, The Lies About Truth

What is a Mastermind group?

A mastermind is a concept of peer-to-peer support groups.

In a business setting it’s a group of entrepreneurs that meets on a regular basis to share their experiences and help each other resolve the most pressing challenges affecting their individual businesses.

You can think of it as your personal board of directors. Imagine a group of incredible, inspiring and experienced business leaders who are dedicated to helping you realise the full potential of your business venture.

For larger companies a board of directors is an essential part of running a business but small SMEs usually can’t afford to pay high calibre advisors.

A mastermind group solves this issue by bringing together peers who all act as board members, providing advice, support, inspiration, focus, challenge and accountability to each other.

Mastermind groups also address one of the biggest pains of being an entrepreneur – feeling alone. Even if you’ve got supportive employees and family, they rarely fully understand the pressures, responsibilities and ups and downs that a business owner faces.

What do entrepreneurs say about Mastermind Groups?

“I would say that mastermind saved me ten years”

Tara HallidayFounder, Complete Success Ltd

“I wish I had started one sooner”

Ian ShepherdCo-Founder, Electrify Video Partners

“Masterminds are much, much better than a training, workshop or a consultant”

Timea KadarFounder, Francis Cooper Marketing Consultancy

“A masterminds takes you away from the day-to-day stresses (cashflow issues, people issues, process issues) and it helps you realise it’s not just you facing challenges”

Beata GreenCo-Founder, HeadChannel

What is the format of BLF Masterminds?

  • Groups of 6-12 (bare minimum 4)
  • Fortnightly online sessions (90 minutes) facilitated by a masterind chair
  • Meeting format:
    • Review of Actions from last time
    • Celebrating Wins
    • Sharing Lessons Learned
    • Exploring your #1 Challenge
    • Sharing What would help you the most (how can others help you)
    • Committing to Actions for next time
  • Prework before the sessions (completing check-in templates to review the previous period and plan for the next one)
  • Outside of the sessions each member completes their business blueprint (value proposition, revenue engine, people, systems, you) so they drive the clarity for themselves and others in their group

BLF Masterminds FREE trial (Apr-May 2022)

We are launching the first masterminds with the Business Leaders’ Family.

We believe masterminds as a concept needs to be experienced first hand for you to truly get its value. That’s why we’ve have decided to offer a free six-weeks (4 sessions) trial to the candidates who fit our community.

What are we looking for in the candidates?

  1. Commitment towards their business and towards their mastermind attendance
  2. Givers with humility – our community is a community of people who love to help others and who are able to admit their weaknesses and accept help
  3. Ambition – we are looking for hungry entrepreneurs who are not satisfied with where they are today, people with drive and exciting vision for their business
  4. Positive energy – we know life’s not always rosy and you don’t need to keep smiling all the time but energy within a mastermind group is one of the most important elements that will get people inspired, motivated and excited to come regularly.

Is that you?

Are you interested in joining the BLF Mastermind trial?

If so, please fill in this short form to Express your interest today and we will be in touch regarding the next steps.

Timelines of the BLF Mastermind FREE launch trial

  • 4 sessions over 6 weeks – completely FREE, no strings attached
  • Expression of Interest by 6-Apr
  • W/C 4-Apr – setting up the groups, times, pre-work (goals, etc.)
  • #1 W/C 11-Apr (kick off session)
  • #2 W/C 25-Apr
  • #3 W/C 9-May
  • #4 W/C 23-May
  • Decision In or Out by 31/May (end of the free trial)
  • re-group W/C 6-Jun (LIVE)

Post-trial monthly membership will be £129 for solopreneurs and companies with less than 2 employees (excluding the founders) and £159 for companies with 2+ employees (excluding founders).

For the first joiners the inaugural BLF mastermind members will get a £30 OFF for as long as they stay in a mastermind, i.e. £99 per month for micro-companies and £129 per month for companies with 2+ employees. And these prices include all the benefits of the BLF VIP Membership (worth £35/month).