Business Leaders’ Family 2.0

Never let a good crisis go to waste – Winston Churchill

Being an entrepreneur is a challenging path. It can be quite a lonely at times…

When we feel like things are not working well, we feel we have to power through alone.

When we succeed we don’t celebrate because we are too busy with the next challenge. Or maybe we don’t have people to celebrate with, people who would truly understand what it took to win.

But it doesn’t have to be that way…

We all go through a very similar journey and sharing the journey makes it easier, faster and much more enjoyable.

Who do you share your business journey with?

The Business Leaders’ Family is a community of ambitious and caring entrepreneurs. We like to connect with fellow business owners, learn from one another and support each other in growing our companies.

Does it resonate?

How important is word of mouth for your business? What percentage of revenue do you get from it? How do you grow this channel?

If things get any worse than they are now, who will catch you? Who is your support net? How will they know you need help? Will they understand you and be able to help?

Who is helping you reinvent your business? Who are you bouncing your ideas by? And when things don’t go as planned, how do you know why?

How do you discover your blind spots? The things you don’t know you don’t know?

Who challenges you to think and act bigger? Who pushes you when you don’t feel like it and when you need to stretch outside your comfort zone?

What is Business Leaders’ Family?

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together… – African Proverb

The problems BLF addresses:

  1. Feeling alone (often people around us don’t really get us – our employees, our family members, our employed friends and sometimes even our business partners; also when we feel low it’s not easy to bring ourselves up on our own)
  2. Networking is broken (network is your net worth but when it comes to the calibre of people, traditional networking is hit and miss at best and many approach it as a pitching practice)
  3. Turning connections into business opportunities is difficult (especially for natural givers – we are shy to ask)
  4. Too much information and advice / too little time (we don’t need more information, we need to know what truly works for people like us and help with implementing it)
  5. Lack of healthy challenge and accountability (are you thinking big enough? are you getting the important things done?)

“…If you want to go fast AND far join the Business Leaders’ Family” – Martin Zeman

What You’ll Gain from Joining BLF

Linkedin Pod:

  • 1x per week
  • Sharpen up your message, strengthen your marketing muscles and stay on top of mind of your connections
  • Posting together helps with consistency and you can expect 10x bigger reach

‘In-the-Zone’ Co-working:

  • 2x a week (2 hrs on Monday, 1 hr on Friday)
  • Virtual Co-working sessions to get stuff done
  • We co-create a focused environment that helps you stay on task and finish the important/non-urgent tasks


  • 1x per month / 1 hour per session
  • Intimate setting 5-20 entrepreneurs, no pitching, no preaching, no big egos
  • Breakout rooms with people most relevant for you
  • Structured guided sessions focused on your wins, lessons learned and challenges
  • Opportunity to tap into the members’ connections and get help with your primary challenge

Q&A with an expert:

  • 30 minutes session with a top expert advising you (as a VIP member) on your top challenge at hand
  • 30 minutes Q&A for all the VIP members


  • Expand your circle of relevant people who Know, Like and Trust You
  • Influence the direction in which the BLF will grow (what profile of people do you want to meet?)

Online community:

  • Access to the community between the gatherings (whenever you have a question or have something valuable to share)
  • Whatsapp group
  • Regular prompts to share your questions, insights and challenges


  • A group of 4-10 entrepreneurs of your choosing
  • Regular fortnightly meetings (90 mins)
  • Challenge
  • Accountability (at meetings + nudges in between)
  • Mastermind Whatsapp group


  • Fortnightly 1 hour session with Martin to review your business objectives and brainstorm your top challenges (like mini-board meetings with a chairman)
  • Whatsapp conversation with Martin as and when needed throughout the month
  • Martin proactively networking on your behalf and introducing you to valuable connections

If you are waiting for the right time, it’s NOW!

I believe our response to this crisis will greatly determine the rest of our business lives.

It is both a great threat and a great opportunity.

Success is far from guaranteed, but here’s your invitation to increase your chances and join a community of ambitious, committed and inspiring business leaders who want you to succeed.

Let me know either way. Are you in? Out? On the fence? Have a question? Just ask.